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  •       Reading is the foundation of learning. The goal of the “I Love Reading” program is to create and motivate students’ desire and interest in reading. It also promotes students’ writing abilities. The ten students who received a Reading Scholar Certificate last month had lunch...
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  • Over 1,000 parents participated our Open House event on September 27th and September 28th. They were eager to observe our teachers’ teaching and their children’s learning. For example, Teacher Jack, one of our Art teachers, introduced masks from different Asian countries in a 2nd grade Art class....
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  • After our parents, the people who most significantly impact our lives – and a life-long love or dislike for a particular subject – are our teachers. September 28th is not only Confucius’ Day but also Teachers’ Day. The PTA in partnership with the counseling office had some activities in honor...
    by 輔導室
  •     Wagor Bilingual Elementary School welcomed its students back after the summer vacation. The first day of school started with assembly and a play performed by our teachers. The play was written by the school nurse, Peggy. This warm welcome brought joy to the students and demonstrated the...
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  •  Wagor Bilingual Elementary School held a special event – “Welcome to Wagor, Freshman!” on Saturday, August 26, 2017. The first graders and their parents were invited to school before the first day of the school year. Holding the event on a weekend and with the attendance of their beloved...
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  • This year Wagor Bilingual Elementary School offered students a unique opportunity to join our Junior United Nations Summer Camp. During the camp, our students studied and explored the culture and history of various amazing countries including France, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Finland and Taiwan while...
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