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  • 2018 Grade One Admittance Activity 葳格小學辦學倍受肯定 2017年無畏少子化招生大爆滿 學子擠窄門家長心急如焚少子化讓許多學校招生出現困境,2017年葳格雙語小學卻逆轉勝,入學登記迅速額滿,招生大爆滿!讓許多想要讓孩子擠進窄門就讀的家長望穿秋水。...
    by 家長服務處
  • 2017葳格歲末音樂饗宴,這次表演為了讓管弦樂更貼近孩子,特地將演奏地點搬到西班牙廣場中央,毫無預警的演出讓四周孩子覺得意外又驚喜,意外的享受了一段美好的藝文晨間時光,更是體驗了一場專業級的管弦樂盛宴。 ...
    by 學務處
  • To teach our students the importance of reusing products to save our earth, Wagor elementary school hosted a charity flea market event last Friday. Students would bring pre-loved goods to school for this event. They can sell unwanted items from their homes such as books and toys while bargain hunters,...
    by 輔導室
  • On December 11th, the ceremony of thanksgiving at the end of the year, and also a warm lamp-lighting was held at Wagor Academy. This got the ‘’Life Education’’ started and combined the performance of all of the music associations.   We had the ‘’Ocarina association’’, the ‘’Orchestra’’,...
    by 輔導室
  • This semester, on November 24, the counseling office invited a famous writer, Mr. Wei, to give parents a special speech, “Parent-child conversation skills”. More than 70 Wagor parents attended the speech. The Chairman of the Parents’ Advisory Committee, Ms. Lin, bought 20 of Mr. Wei’s new book...
    by 輔導室
  •   「葳格領袖培訓營」辦理已經正式邁入第13屆,學校為五年級學生規劃新一系列領袖培訓活動,經由嚴密的紀律,瞭解領導與被領導的真義,並學習服從與領導的技巧。     由校長與研發長帶領十六位行政教師與教官在「新竹小叮噹自然科學園區」的領袖營活動,培養小領袖透過團隊合作,激發獨立自主的潛能。...
    by 學務處